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Ultimate Car Service

Is it time to spoil your car?

Our fully complete and thorough Ultimate Car Service gives your vehicle the highest level of care and protection possible and is more comprehensive than our other services, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that your car is in great shape.

This broad based service incorporates a full lube service, brake service, cooling system & safety inspection as well as the engine tune. A thorough bumper to bumper inspection of your car!

Magic Spanners Ultimate Car Service Includes:

  1. Replace Engine Oil & Filter
  2. Replace Spark Plugs
  3. Replace Air Filter
  4. Replace Fuel Filter
  5. Replace Brake Fluid
  6. Replace Coolant
  7. Inspect Belts & Pulleys
  8. Inspect Hoses & Clamps
  9. Check/Adjust Brakes
  10. Check Air Conditioning Operation
  11. Cooling System Pressure
  12. Test Check Charging System
  13. Test Battery
  14. Check & Top Up Fluids
  15. Road Test

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