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Premium Car Repairs

Magic Spanners mobile mechanics are known in Brisbane for offering premium car repair services. Utilising recent advancements in vehicle diagnostic technology and tools, Magic Spanners offer a mobile mechanic service that goes above your typical visit to the mechanic.

In addition to offering a mobile mechanic service that is convenient and responsive to your needs, Magic Spanners operate with performance and reliability as the cornerstone of each professional interaction. Premium car repair doesn’t just happen in a garage, which is why our experienced mobile mechanics in Brisbane are dedicated to servicing your vehicle at home or work – wherever and whenever you desire.

Improve the quality with which your car drives and ensure the fuel, ignition, emission and computer system are all operating to their optimal performance. Magic Spanners proudly services a wide area of Brisbane, including prestige cars through to the common hatch-backs. Regardless of model and make, Magic Spanners deliver premium services that reduces emissions which subsequently saves on future work and running costs.

Magic Spanners Premium Car Repair Service Includes:

  1. Replace Spark Plugs
  2. Replace Air Filter
  3. Replace Fuel Filter
  4. Inspect Belts & Pulleys
  5. Inspect Hoses & Clamps
  6. Check/Adjust Brakes
  7. Check Air Conditioning Operation
  8. Cooling System Pressure Test
  9. Check Charging System
  10. Test Battery
  11. Check & Top Up Fluids
  12. Road Test

Invest in the health and maintenance of your vehicle with Magic Spanners mobile mechanic premium care service, designed to get you back on the road travelling smoothly.

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