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Mobile Mechanic North Lakes

Car trouble can strike at any moment, sometimes with almost no indication that there is even an issue. It could be that your brakes are starting to squeal, or your clutch isn’t performing as it should be – whatever the pain point, you’ll need to call a mobile mechanic in North Lakes.

In that moment of need, anywhere between home and work, how can you trust that your mobile mechanic in North Lakes will arrive and service your car to a high standard? Magic Spanners are known in Brisbane for delivering consistent and quality car repairs and services, in a location most convenient for you. Join the number of clients that are pleased with our mobile mechanic service in North Lakes, and get back on the road faster.


Qualified Mechanics

Our mobile mechanics in North Lakes are experienced mechanics, with modern training in traditional and new motor vehicle technologies. It doesn’t matter whether you are the driver of a car, truck, van or motorcycle – our mobile mechanics in North Lakes are equipped with the right qualifications and equipment. Rest assured that your Magic Spanners mechanic has undergone thorough testing and verification.


Our mobile mechanics in North Lakes will service your vehicle at any location, and any time. Simply make a call to our friendly service staff, and a mechanic near you will be sent to your location ready for service. This could be arranged for your workplace, or even your home. The choice of flexibility is up to you, just tell us where you are.

No Travel Fee

There are few services as convenient as that of a mobile mechanic, but typically steep travel fees will eliminate that as an option. Magic Spanners do not charge a travel fee, with happy clients only paying for the price of the car repair or service. Call a mobile mechanic in North Lakes and pay for the works only.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Magic Spanners are committed to providing premium customer service, every time. No matter what time of day or location of the service, our mobile mechanics in North Lakes will be there and will have you driving away satisfied at the conclusion of your service.

Models Compatibility

At Magic Spanners, we don’t discriminate on car make and model. When you call a mobile mechanic in North Lakes, you will never hear that your car is not going to be serviced. Your car, truck, motorcycle or van are in good hands.

Breaking down no longer has to be something you fear, with mobile mechanics in North Lakes at your service. Next time you experience car trouble, our qualified mobile mechanics in North Lakes will make their way to you at any time or place.

Want to find out more about our services, or arrange for one of our expert mobile mechanics to come out to you?

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