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Mobile Mechanic in the Gold Coast

Are you looking for a mobile mechanic in the Gold Coast to come at your convenience and repair your vehicle? If so, you have come to the best place because our services are considered the most comprehensive in the Gold Coast. Avoiding the stress of being overcharged by towing and car garages is easy with Magic Spanners Mobile Mechanic Gold Coast Services, and you can call for our services whenever you need them, even at odd hours. The benefits of using Magic Spanners for your mobile mechanic services are many and varied and include some of the below:


You don’t need to travel when your car breaks down because we will come to you whether at work or home or by the roadside. We are ready to inspect and repair any damages on your car at your own comfort.

Mobile car services

We deal with a full range of car service types; from simple problems like starter issues to the most complicated mechanical problems. Our experts are well trained and experienced to handle repairs such as oil filters, A/C, water pumps, brakes and flat tires and many more on old and new car models.

Roadside mechanic services

If you are stuck on the road and are running out of time or don’t have repair cover, just call Magic Spanners, and we’ll get your car back to normal in no time.

No travel charges

Not only will we make your repair cost as low as possible, but also, we will not charge you for any travel expenses we incur. Our professional experts will give you an estimate and a list of items needed for repair before they begin to fix your car. That way, you’re clear on the cost from the very start.

Mobile safety certificates

Your car will be handled by professional mobile car mechanics in the Gold Coast that are certified and with extensive experience. We can issue mobile safety certificates after a thorough inspection of your vehicle.
Mobile pre-purchase inspection.

Apart from our efficient car repair and maintenance, we also provide assistance in buying used cars. If you wish to purchase a used car, we can inspect it and offer you a detailed and certified report that can help you decide whether your planned purchase is worth the money.

24/7 mobile mechanic service

Car troubles almost always happen at unexpected times. You don’t even need to worry about any extra charges for calling us after midnight – we are here to help.

After servicing your car and receiving the payment for the repairs, we will provide parts and service warranty and should a defect happen within this period, we’ll service your car once again for free. For peace of mind on the road, or for purchasing or servicing your vehicle, call us and find out how much Magic Spanners can assist you.

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