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Minor Car Service

As a general rule, it’s time for a Minor Car Service when you have driven 10,000km or if it has been more than 12 months since your last service.

Magic Spanners can perform a minor car service on your car to keep it running smoothly and make sure important parts are working properly. We will perform essential vehicle maintenance tasks so that you can be confident your car is in great shape, avoiding the risk of unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle which can lead to damage, expensive repairs later and higher running costs.

Magic Spanners Minor Car Service Includes:

  1. Replace Engine Oil & Filter
  2. Inspect Belts & Pulleys
  3. Inspect Hoses & Clamps
  4. Check/Adjust Brakes
  5. Check Air Conditioning Operation
  6. Cooling System Pressure Test
  7. Check Charging System
  8. Test Battery
  9. Check & Top Up Fluids
  10. Road Test

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