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Major Car Service

Magic Spanners fully qualified mobile mechanics can perform a Major Car Repair Service on your vehicle to make sure all important parts are working properly, replace worn out parts and perform essential vehicle maintenance tasks.

Magic Spanners Major Car Repair Service is perfect for the car that is due for it’s regular maintenance but is just not performing quite right, has poor fuel economy or is sluggish.

Magic Spanners Major Car Repair Service Includes:

  1. Replace Engine Oil & Filter
  2. Replace Spark Plugs
  3. Inspect Belts & Pulleys
  4. Inspect Hoses & Clamps
  5. Check/Adjust Brakes
  6. Check Air Conditioning Operation
  7. Cooling System Pressure Test
  8. Check Charging System
  9. Test Battery
  10. Check & Top Up Fluids
  11. Road Test

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