Car Service in Ipswich by Magic Spanners

Fixed Price Car Servicing

Car Service Ipswich

We all know how important it is to keep a well-maintained vehicle. Cars run for longer when they are well serviced and usually they keep their value better too. However, if you, like many people, don’t have time to get your car to a garage and resent the thought of having to run to a garages schedule, then why not consider a mobile car service in Ipswich or the surrounding area with Magic Spanners.

There is no doubt that mobile mechanics are best placed to offer the convenience and service you need but we at Magic Spanners feel that we go the extra mile and the following are some of the reasons why you should consider booking your next car service with us.

Fixed Price Car Servicing

When you call us, you should never bother about how much you will pay because we will outline this to you. Our car service in Ipswich starts from $129 depending on what make and model you drive.

Service Anywhere

You will never have to worry about where the repair should be done. We take our customers wishes as a command and that is why we will do the service where you ask us. It could be at your home or offices, giving you the knowledge that you wont have to drop your car off anywhere.

Fleet Servicing

Fleet service owners will always need repair and servicing of their vehicles done almost at the same time. This is usually costly when you hire a car repair company that does not value its clients. At Magic Spanners we take fleet servicing seriously, and offer discounts to those who rely on us to service their fleet of vehicles.

Log Book Service

We understand the benefits of maintaining a clean logbook service record. All that we do to your car will be in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. You car will run like a dream and its statutory warranty will be intact.

General Check Over

Your car does not need to stop working as expected before you take it to a mechanic. It needs to be regularly checked to avoid breakdowns. At Magic Spanners, we complete a thorough check to ensure that everything is in good working condition.

If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, why not contact Magic Spanners today to book a car service in Ipswich or any of the surrounding areas.