Car Service in Brisbane by Magic Spanners

We know what we’re talking about

Car Service Brisbane

It’s essential with any vehicle that you keep it in top condition to ensure it will take you where you need to go. Prolonging the life of your vehicle means taking care of it well, changing the oil when needed, and checking everything is well kept to avoid damage to any other part of the car. However, arranging a car service Brisbane can be tricky, especially if you work a lot and travel there by car, as this will mean you’re not likely to want to stick to a garage’s schedule, and it also costs you either a lost days pay, or travel costs to get to work after you’ve dropped your car off at the garage. However, there is another solution. Magic Spanners offer car services at your convenience, which means you’re never likely to be inconvenienced.

There are many benefits to using Magic Spanners for a mobile car service, some of which you may not have considered:

  • We offer an efficient mobile car service that is available 24/7
  • We are authenticated to stamp your log book and provide other log book services
  • We have fixed car servicing fees from just $129 depending on the model of your car
  • You don’t need to call the towing company because we come to you – work or home
  • Our services range from general check overs to engine tuning

We know what we’re talking about

You need to be sure that the experts you hire have the right qualification and vast experiences in fixing many car models and designs. Our mechanics are highly trained and experienced with all makes and models.

We have the parts

We have the right spare parts for most cars in the market currently and it’s much cheaper in the long run to maintain your vehicle than to fix it. A car is a sophisticated machine with systems that rely on each other just like a human body. Your vehicle needs regular checks and attention for it to function at required capacity and for a longer life.

Regular Servicing can ensure you get your money’s worth

It’s also important to slow the car’s depreciation rate and retain its value. Routine car care helps you avoid unnecessary repairs and also a good sign that potential buyers look out for. We also keep all the repairs and maintenance records of your car for prospective buyers or insurance companies.

If you’re interested in arranging a car service in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, then why not speak to one of our friendly, professional staff and book your service today!