Safety Certificates in Gold Coast from Magic Spanners

Hassle Free Transfer Registration

Hassle Free Transfer Registration

Choosing to use a mobile mechanic from Magic Spanners is a great way to make sure your time is your own. They will not only repair your vehicle if necessary but will also do other important checks that are considered to be as important as driving a roadworthy vehicle. They also play key a role of issuing safety certificates in the Gold Coast area. If your car does not have one, then you should definitely get in touch quickly, because safety certificates gold coast are required by the law. Our company has been offering this service to car owners in the Gold Coast for some time and our customers love the freedom they get by choosing to use Magic Spanners for their Safety Certificates. Some of the reasons for this are below:

Hassle Free Transfer Registration

Are you planning to apply for a new registration? You may also want to transfer the ownership of your car to another person. These are just some of the scenarios that may call for transfer registration assistance from Magic Spanners. If you need this, then you need look no further because our safety certificates will be inclusive of this. Just get in touch with us and we shall help you get everything you need sorted quickly and professionally.

Light Trucks

Do you have a safety certificate for your light truck? Are you aware that it’s illegal to operate a light truck on the Gold Coast and other areas without proof of it having undergone inspection to determine its road worthiness, and if you don’t have one you may be penalized. To avoid this our professionals have been certified to carry out the inspection of such vehicles and issue you with the safety certificate in the Gold Coast that you need.


If you are planning to sell your car any time soon, then you should make sure that it conforms to the law. You are not supposed to sell a car if it lacks a safety certificate. The good news is that our mechanics can inspect it whenever you need. After inspecting your car, you will get a safety certificate to prove that it’s now ready for sell as per the law. This will make it easy to put your car on sale and get the best price.

No Revocation

When you use our safety certificates gold coast service you will never have your certificate revoked. This will be of benefit to you because you will not pay additional costs, as there will be no second inspection required. We are professional, friendly and experienced enough to get the job done right first time.

So if you’re in need of a safety certificate for any of the above reasons, why not get in touch today and do it the easy way with Magic Spanners.