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February 26, 2018

Driven to Perfection – A Newbie’s Guide to Car Maintenance


Whether it be a car, motorbike or even public transport, vehicles have become an essential part of our lives. The most common type of transport used in Australia is the car, and is for good reason. It offers a number of excellent benefits, including convenience, safety, not to mention the countless innovative smart features, such as the ability to seamlessly connect your smartphone. This means the maintenance of your car something that should be constantly considered by anyone who owns a car.

Below, we have outlined a number of tips on servicing and maintaining your car.


Getting your car serviced

For many of us, getting your car mechanically serviced is the first thing that comes to mind when we consider vehicle maintenance, and according to experts, completing preventative car inspections have countless benefits. For one, it helps extend the lifetime of your car through consistent evaluation of its ‘health’, allowing you to prevent any potential damage. It also helps ensure safety, as regular maintenance can identify any issues with any safety equipment throughout the car such as airbags.

Who knows? You could unknowingly be driving a faulty vehicle on a daily basis and not know the danger you’re putting yourself in. Furthermore, getting your car serviced is usually reasonably priced, however, this is all determined by the mechanic and the amount of work required for the vehicle.


Keep an eye on your dashboard

All cars will have dashboard warning messages, which you can typically find below the speedometer or fuel gauge. These warning messages apply to a wide range of topics, including issues with the braking system, engine, oil, coolant levels, and even the occasional inclusion of tyre pressure.

These messages make a handy tool and can show the condition of your car in a convenient manner. With that said, there is a common mistake made by many drivers in which they will completely ignore these warning messages. This is a bad habit and the approach to seeing a warning message should be to take swift action and repair the issue as soon as possible. Some of the messages are particularly urgent, with others simply being minor warnings. Therefore, it is wise to familiarise yourself with what light denotes what issue.

Utilising warning messages and always checking these issue immediately is an effective method to the maintenance of your car and should be the primary plan of action for every individual.


Look after your tyres

The care for your car’s tyres is something that can never be overstated and ensuring their maintenance will not only save you money but also ensure your safety on the road. If your tyres are in poor condition, you may as well be driving a ticking time bomb as this can be critical to your safety on the road. Whether it be a busy road, a congested intersection, or poor weather; badly kept tyres can have a detrimental effect on your road safety. One major plus is that tyres are relatively affordable with a quality pair costing as little as $100/ Tyre, however, one should never put a price on safety.

As you can see, there are a few things everyone can do to ensure the maintenance of their cars. Regular maintenance checks, keeping an eye on your dashboard and well-kept tyres will not only maintain your car well, but benefit you in terms of saving money and safety.

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